Coinwink User Testimonials

Thanks to everyone for sending us feedback and new feature requests.

If you have never sent feedback to Coinwink, you can do this from your Coinwink account, or by sending us an email.

We are happy to receive much positive feedback from our users. Below we share some of the best messages we have received.

Hi, this is a great app! Most of my other alert sources weren’t triggering or I miss the notifications … but Wink is always on it as I always get my texts … I’ve made money due to this efficiency so thanks and power to you …   


Hello friends,

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic app this is. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. So incredibly user friendly and yet has everything I need…watchlist and portfolio and alerts. I was more than happy to pay for the program. Not only does it speed up my crypto trading and monitoring but it also saves me a lot on data because I no longer have to log into several different sites to check things and I no longer have to monitor quick day trades manually sometimes for many hours until selling. Now I can just set an alert and rest assured I will know when my target is met even when I am sleeping. 🙂

Anyways, thanks so much for keeping this simple, easy to use and effective. Much appreciated. Take care and keep up the good work!


I like so much the matrix theme! 😀

I can’t believe how good this is. You’re a life saver!

Hello !

It’s been a few minutes since I created an account and used the product. I am loving it !

Everything is so simple, yet so fast and useful. I must say, especially the UI/UX, it’s just great. No use of flashy colors or components, just a simple interface that gets all the work done. No ads is a bonus.
Just realised the project is open source, that is really cool !

Keep up the good work !

P.S. The winking emoticon logo is also awesome 🙂


It’s honestly incredible how easy it is to make this into an iOS app just by saving it to the home page on your phone and logging in once… REVOLUTIONARY


This is fantastic and exactly what I wanted — already upgraded to premium. The UI is also beautiful. Nice work!

Thank you for these kind words 🙏

Indeed, we put a lot of work into the Coinwink app during the last several years, followed the KISS principle, focused on consistency and clean design, constantly improved, and listened to your feedback. We will continue improving further on.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

Coinwink Tips & Tricks

In this article, you’ll find the big list of tips & tricks for the Coinwink app. So let’s jump right into it!

Tip 1: A direct link to any coin or a token

Use a custom Coinwink URL to pre-select your coin. To do so, simply add the coin symbol after the slash at the end of the URL.

For example, the following URL is a direct link to Ethereum.

For selected cryptocurrencies, we have created unique thumbnails, so that when you share the coin link, you also get an image preview. Above are a few examples.

Tip 2: Use Coinwink in your local currency

This feature is easy to miss because it’s not very prominent.

When creating a new alert, click the USD value below the coins list to switch between currencies. In the portfolio and watchlist, pick currencies from the drop-down list. When you change the currency, it is saved automatically and is set the next time you open the app.

Coinwink supports 8 different fiat currencies:
– USD (American Dollar)
– EUR (Euro)
– AUD (Australian Dollar)
– CAD (Canadian Dollar)
– BRL (Brazilian Real)
– MXN (Mexican Peso)
– JPY (Japanese Yen)
– SGD (Singapore Dollar)

Tip 3: Phone number formatting for SMS alerts

When new Coinwink users enter their phone numbers to receive SMS alerts, it is quite common that the number is entered in the wrong format.

The cell phone number needs to be entered in the international format, which usually starts with the plus sign.

It is also a good idea to send yourself a test alert, to be 100% sure that the number is entered correctly.

For more details, please refer to this Coinwink blog post, which explains in detail how to format phone numbers with examples for different countries.

Tip 4: Manage alerts and view alert logs

Track your activated crypto alerts with Logs in your Alerts Manager.

In case the alert was not delivered, you will see a message with possible reasons.

You can open any activated alert from your logs in a separate window. You can also share its link since the alert page doesn’t reveal any private data. This is an example Bitcoin alert, which was activated on Feb 26, 2021.

Tip 5: Resetting alerts

In your Alerts Manager, click an alert to enable/disable it.

The strike-through alert is disabled (or already activated). Simply click on it to re-enable it. The opposite is also true – by clicking on an active alert, you will disable it.

Tip 6: Updating and resetting percentage alerts

For percentage alerts, you can update the set price by clicking on it (dashed underline). When clicked, the set price updates to the current price point.

To enable/disable the alert itself, simply click on the percentage part of the alert.

Tip 7: Watchlist – Drag & drop coins sorting

Drag & drop to re-order watchlist coins. This feature works on both desktop and mobile devices and supports all major modern browsers.

Tip 8: Watchlist – Hidden extra data

In the watchlist, click the Price column label to switch between Price, Volume, and Market cap.

Tip 9: Portfolio – Return on investment (ROI)

Wondering if your cryptocurrency investments appreciated in value, or are you having a loss? Coinwink ROI calculator will show you this data immediately.

In your Coinwink portfolio, click the ROI icon. Then enter the total amount invested, and the current Profit/Loss will be displayed automatically.

Tip 10: Portfolio – Notes

For many reasons, when investing in cryptocurrencies, it is often a good idea to keep notes. Notes can be related to your long-term goals, short-term targets, there can be saved relevant links or any other information.

With Coinwink, you can take notes for every individual coin in your portfolio. Simply click the note icon and enter the note. Notes are saved automatically.

Tip 11: Portfolio – Multiple coin alerts

Use the Coinwink portfolio alerts feature to track multiple coins at once.

Portfolio alerts are continuous. It means that if the alert was sent, it will be sent again the next time the conditions are met. There is no need to manually re-activate portfolio alerts.

For each individual portfolio coin, the same type of alert is sent once in 24h. For example, if you received an alert that Bitcoin increased by more than 10% in 1h, all the following Bitcoin portfolio alerts for the 1h increase will be ignored for the next 24h. Portfolio alerts are sent every 5 minutes.

You will find the portfolio alerts widget below your Coinwink portfolio. Simply click the little top-right arrow to expand/collapse the widget.

Tip 12: Matrix theme

From your Coinwink account settings, you can switch between Coinwink Classic and Matrix themes.

It is possible to control your Matrix theme’s background intensity and animation.

If you wish, using these controls, you can re-configure your Matrix theme to work as a basic dark theme with a black background.

Tip 13: Use Coinwink as a mobile app

Coinwink is a web-app that is highly optimized for the mobile experience. That’s why it can be used similarly as a native mobile app on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

To add the Coinwink app to your mobile device, simply open in your mobile browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), click Settings, and then add it to your home screen. You will then be able to use Coinwink similarly as to any other mobile app, launching it by pressing the Coinwink app icon on your mobile device’s home screen.

For a detailed explanation with visual instructions, please refer to this post on our blog.

Tip 14: Get more SMS alerts

If you have enough SMS credits, you can receive more than 100 monthly SMS crypto alerts. To buy additional SMS credits for an ongoing month, visit your Coinwink account settings and click “Get more SMS”.

Tip 15: Receiving crypto alerts even without the internet

Since SMS delivery doesn’t require an internet connection, you can receive SMS alerts anywhere in the world where a simple cellular network is available.

It takes to receive one, to feel its benefits. As one of our users explains:

“What I liked, when I was without the Internet, I got an SMS with BTC alert somewhere on the bus. That was pretty cool. Imagine traveling and getting your shitcoin alerts no matter where you are.”
— Martin, Coinwink User

Tip 16: Receiving alerts like mobile notifications

Coinwink doesn’t support mobile notifications because they inherently have a low notification value, can be annoying, and negatively impact productivity (read more about it here), but still, there is a way how you can setup Coinwink to receive mobile notifications.

Simply download the ProtonMail app on your mobile device, and create a new email account. Use this email account exclusively for Coinwink alerts. Mobile notifications should be enabled for the ProtonMail app.

Every time you receive an email alert to your ProtonMail, you will also get a mobile notification.

Tip 17: Superfast navigation with keyboard shortcuts

On desktop devices, using the default keyboard and mouse controls, you can populate your Coinwink portfolio and watchlist quickly and comfortably.

To speed-up the navigation even more, or to make it more comfortable, in the portfolio and watchlist, use the following keyboard shortcuts to add or remove cryptocurrencies: Enter, Tab, Shift+Tab.

Tip 18: Superfast crypto market research

Click on any coin’s logo, anywhere inside of the Coinwink app, to open that coin’s CoinMarketCap page, where you will find additional data: charts, social news, stats, and other details about that coin.

For example, some particular coin in your portfolio has increased by 30% in 24h. Wondering what’s the reason behind such a price increase? Click the coin logo to open its CMC page, then click on the social tab, and it’s quite likely that you will find your answer inside the Reddit or a Twitter widget on CMC. From there, you can dig deeper to understand more about the recent price spike.

This concludes our Tips & Tricks blog post. Let us know if you have any other useful use cases discovered, so we can include them in this blog post!

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

How to Use Coinwink as a Mobile App

Coinwink is a cross-platform web app, which means that you can use it from any device instantly, without the need to download or install anything.

On a desktop or a laptop computer, simply open Coinwink in your web browser. The beauty of such a web app is that it can be used on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, macOS, or any other OS.

On mobile devices, you can place the Coinwink app icon on your mobile device’s Home screen and then use it similarly to any other mobile app. When opened from the Home screen, the browser’s address bar is hidden, so the app has a native feel.

In this article, you will find visual instructions on how to place the Coinwink app icon on your Android or iOS mobile device’s Home screen using a mobile web browser.

As one of our users describes the Coinwink mobile experience:

“It’s honestly incredible how easy it is to make this into an iOS app just by saving it to the home page on your phone and logging in once… REVOLUTIONARY”
— Pablo, Coinwink user

Android Mobile Devices

On Android mobile devices the two most popular web browsers are Chrome and Mozilla, so below we provide quick instructions for both of them.

Android + Google Chrome

1. Open in your Chrome mobile browser and touch the three dots icon (top right) to open the customization menu.
2. Touch “Add to Home screen” menu item.
3. Touch “Add” in the confirmation pop-up window.

Below is a short explanatory video on how to add the Coinwink app icon to your Android home screen using Google Chrome mobile web browser. The video was recorded in 2019, so don’t mind the lower Bitcoin price and a slightly different app interface.

Android + Mozilla Firefox

1. Open in your Firefox mobile browser and touch the three dots icon (top bottom) to open the customization menu.
2. Touch “Install” menu item.
3. Touch “Add automatically” in the confirmation pop-up window, or touch and hold the Coinwink icon to manually drag & drop it to the desired location on your Home screen.

Apple iOS Mobile Devices

Safari is the browser developed by Apple and is the default and most popular choice for iOS mobile devices. If you are using Chrome or Firefox browser on your iOS device, please follow the instructions provided above.

Instructions on how to add the Coinwink app icon to the home screen of your Apple iOS mobile device, when using the Safari web browser, are provided below.

Apple iOS + Safari

1. Open in your Safari mobile browser and touch the customization menu icon (middle bottom).
2. Touch “Add to Home Screen” menu item.
3. Touch “Add” in the confirmation window. Then your Coinwink app icon will appear on your iOS device Home Screen.


As you can see and experience, using Coinwink as a mobile app is very easy and comfortable.

It may be even more comfortable than a native app, because of the design consistency between the desktop and mobile versions, and also because there is no need for download and installation.

Simply open Coinwink from anywhere and on any device, log in to your account, and you are back on track!

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

How to Start Receiving SMS Crypto Alerts

This is a quick guide for new Coinwink Premium users on how to start receiving SMS crypto alerts.

In short, to receive SMS alerts, your phone number needs to be formatted in the international E.164 standard. Additionally, to be 100% sure that alerts can be delivered to your phone, you can create a simple test alert.

Further on in this article, you will find more info about our SMS service, and a detailed explanation on how to format your phone number, create a test alert, track alerts delivery with logs.

SMS crypto alerts with a global reach

For SMS broadcasting, Coinwink uses Twilio API. Twilio is the global leader in SMS messaging and provides worldwide coverage for SMS delivery.

Our users come mostly from the US, Canada, UK, EU, Latin America, Asia, Australia, and other countries with well-established mobile network infrastructure. If the user enters the phone number correctly, and the phone is in range, during the three years of our partnership with Twilio, so far, we have a 100% SMS delivery rate.

In general, we provide global coverage and can deliver SMS messages to all countries. If you are living in a country where the mobile network infrastructure is not well-established, or your mobile carrier is known for blocking incoming messages, contact us before upgrading to Premium, so we can send you a test SMS alert.

Enter your phone number in international standard

The single most important requirement is to enter your phone number in the international E.164 standard.

The phone number should start with the plus sign, followed by the country code, area code, and then the actual phone number.

1. Plus (+) sign (replacing the International Call Prefix like 011)
2. International Country Calling code
3. Local Area code
4. Local Phone number

For example, here’s a UK-based number in standard local formatting:

Here’s the same phone number in E.164 formatting:

In a number of countries, local dialing may require the addition of a ‘0’ in front of the subscriber number. With E.164 formatting, this ‘0’ must usually be removed.

Receiving SMS alerts to the US phone numbers

Coinwink phone number from which we send SMS messages is located in the US, so it can deliver SMS messages to other US phone numbers formatted in both local and international standards.

This is an example cell number from New York, formatted in the local standard:

This is the same phone number formatted in the international standard:

Only for the US cell phone numbers, both formats are accepted. For all other countries, the phone number needs to be formatted in the international standard.

International formatting examples

A few phone number examples formatted in the international E.164 standard are provided below. For additional details, see this guide from our SMS service provider Twilio.

Canada: +12262412097
Australia: +61480004432
Spain: +34634198637
France: +33644617413
Netherlands: +3197010230189
Russia: +79910361028
Turkey: +902125551212
Thailand: +660963554585
Malaysia: +600134772438
Singapore: +6582410236
Hong Kong: +85264309527
South Korea: +821112145478
Japan: +818059845761
Mexico: +5218655217370
Brazil: +5511950105634
South Africa: +27119782313
UAE: +971555624155

Track your activated alerts

If your phone number is entered in a wrong format, or entered incorrectly, our SMS service provider doesn’t know where to deliver the alert. The alert will be triggered (activated), but not delivered.

In such a case, immediately after the alert activation, you will receive an email from Coinwink about the undelivered alert with the link to this article. You need to enter your phone number correctly to receive SMS crypto alerts.

You can also track all your activated alerts, both delivered and undelivered, in your alert Logs, available in the Coinwink Manage Alerts window.

Send yourself a test alert

It is also a good practice to send yourself a test alert. If the test alert is received, you can be sure that the phone number is entered correctly and all future alerts will also be received.

For example, create an alert that will alert you when Bitcoin is above 10 USD. Because BTC is already above 10 USD, such an alert will be activated within 2 minutes, and if your number is entered correctly, you will receive the test alert to your mobile phone. In general, Coinwink SMS alerts are triggered every 2 minutes.

The Coinwink phone number

To stay productive when working or studying, some of our users put their phones to “Do not disturb” mode and exclude only the Coinwink phone number in order not to miss an important crypto alert. Some other users prefer to set a different sound for SMS messages coming from Coinwink.

Coinwink SMS alerts are always coming from the same phone number, so its receiving conditions can be easily customized on the user’s phone.

+16506677900 is the phone number from which you receive Coinwink SMS crypto alerts. It always stays the same.


Receiving SMS crypto alerts with Coinwink is really simple. Furthermore, because Coinwink is in partnership with Twilio, which is the global leader in SMS messaging, our crypto alerts delivery is fast, reliable, and has worldwide coverage.

The single most important thing is to enter your phone number in the international E.164 standard as described above. To be completely sure that SMS alerts will be delivered, send yourself a test alert.

Contact us by email if you have any additional questions.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

Never Miss Important Coin Price Changes With Email & SMS Crypto Alerts

If you are investing in cryptocurrencies, you are probably using crypto alerts to be informed about the cryptocurrency market price fluctuations.

If you are not using alerts to automate price tracking, you should give them a try. Otherwise, you may be stuck manually watching charts, which can lead to addiction, lower your overall investing outcomes, and in general, it is not possible to watch charts 24/7, because unlike traditional stock markets with specific opening and closing hours, the cryptocurrency market is open all the time.

Popular crypto meme character Wojak is stuck watching charts

After running crypto alerts service for more than 4 years, in this article we will share some insights on what alert delivery methods work best under any circumstances, and what are better to avoid.

Cutting straight to the point, and as you have probably guessed from the title of this article, the best combo is SMS + email alerts.

Having alerts set to receive in SMS or email (or both), you can be sure that these delivery methods will cover all your needs and you never miss a cryptocurrency price change that is important to you.

A case against mobile notifications

Another popular alerts delivery method is mobile notifications, even though they can do more harm than good.

First of all, they can be easily missed because mobile notifications have a similar sound signal for all mobile apps. Most people consider mobile notifications as having a low alerting priority, and that’s why they are often ignored.

Additionally, mobile notifications can be annoying and distracting and can negatively impact productivity. That’s why a lot of people choose to turn them off completely.

“We all get too many rings and blips and squawks on our smartphone. Every ping your phone emits is another distraction, one that can take several minutes to recover from. Here’s how to shut them up.”


In some cases, as observed in some popular mobile crypto portfolio apps, notifications are quite buggy, or it can be hard or not possible at all to disable them.

Browser notifications aren’t good either. To receive such a notification, the browser needs to be open, and the device turned on. Browser notifications look like spammy pop-ups, and can be annoying or easily missed.

SMS alerts advantages

SMS have inherently higher notification value than mobile notifications, because when people receive an SMS, they usually read it, and not just automatically discard it.

Also, on many phones, you can easily configure a unique signal for SMS notifications coming from a specific number.

To stay productive, some of our users disable all notifications and even set phone calls and regular SMS to “Do not disturb” mode, but they exclude a single number for SMS, which is coming from Coinwink, notifying them about an important price change.

Additionally, SMS is universal. You don’t need an app, and even an internet connection is not required.

One of our users was stuck in Peru during the COVID lockdown, so he decided to do some traveling. He had a first-hand SMS alert experience, and shared it with us:

“What I liked, when I was without the Internet, I got an SMS with BTC alert somewhere on the bus. That was pretty cool. Imagine traveling and getting your shitcoin alerts no matter where you are.”

Email alerts advantages

Similar to SMS messages, email is also highly configurable. You have much more control over your email than over your mobile notifications. You can use email filters, forward emails to phone numbers, integrate with other services through IFTTT or Zapier, or you can set up a separate mailbox, and use email similarly to mobile notifications. Email can be as good as mobile notifications, but additionally, it has much more customization and flexibility.

Since both email and SMS alerts are highly customizable, people are free to use them according to their individual needs. As another of our users explains:

“When I’m in my home country, I prefer SMS alerts. Even though I have 4G internet all the time, I still find SMS alerts faster, because they don’t require an additional app which usually takes some time to sync the updates.

When I’m traveling and using local sim cards for 4G internet, I prefer to use email alerts. I have a separate mailbox at ProtonMail which doesn’t receive any other emails because I don’t use it anywhere else, except for Coinwink alerts. I turn on my ProtonMail mobile app notifications and when I receive a new email, I instantly know that this is a crypto alert from Coinwink.”

What about chat alerts, such as Telegram, Signal, or Slack?

This is a separate group of crypto alerts. Similar to mobile notifications, chat alerts can be easily missed. They also require the app to be installed and synchronized.

From the Coinwink point of view, if SMS + Email alerts cover all possible needs and work under any circumstances, do we really need these extra chat alerts?

If we start adding similar chat alerts, there will be no end to them. And actually, we wouldn’t gain much because email + SMS is a classic, well-tested combo that works under any circumstances. It can alert you similarly as Telegram does or even better, but Telegram cannot alert you when e.g. you have no internet on your phone. Email + SMS is a reliable combo that covers all possible situations.

“It is far better to be the master of a few successful trading tools than to simply sit in the rafters observing price action through the use of dozens of indicators. The fewer variables, the easier it is to make a decision.”

Dennis Gartman

Timeless combo: Email & SMS crypto alerts

Email was invented in 1971, and the first SMS message was sent in 1992.

Email and SMS services exist for decades now, so it is clear that they won’t disappear in the near future, and will work as expected.

On the other hand, with mobile notifications, you can easily lose your crypto alerts when you change your device, uninstall an app, or after the app version upgrades.

Email and SMS are much more reliable than mobile notifications because people do not change their email addresses or phone numbers that often.

For example, some of our users did set up their Bitcoin above 30k USD price alert in 2017, and received it almost 4 years later, in early 2021.

So if you are using email and SMS crypto alerts, you can sleep better, be more productive, have more personal freedom, and because of all these benefits, it is rational to expect better cryptocurrency investing outcomes.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

New Updates (Aug 2020)

First of all, thanks to everyone for the feedback.

The new Coinwink features are solutions to various little issues, recently mentioned by several people.

Most of the recent feedback was related to percentage alerts, local currencies, and the Matrix theme. The solutions are presented below.

Percentage alerts

A better percentage alerts reset (instead of re-creation) was requested by several users. These requests were unified into the below presented solution.

The set price is now visible and clickable (dashed underline). When clicked, the set price resets to the current price point.

Before, such price refresh required alert re-creation, and the set price was not visible at all.

Portfolio multiple-coin alerts range

As it was requested by a few users, you can now set portfolio alerts starting from 5% (before it was 10%).

Keep in mind that Portfolio alerts re-enable automatically, once in every 24h, so you can receive the maximum of 4 alerts in 24h for each coin in your portfolio.

Saving local currencies

Since it was requested by a few people, some improvements were made for international user experience.

The user’s selected currency is now saved automatically in the portfolio, watchlist, and when creating alerts under the cryptocurrencies dropdown list.

Additionally, in the watchlist, the Price column (which can be switched to Volume and Market Cap) is also automatically saved in the database for every individual user.

Also, return on investment (ROI) calculation can now be done in all supported currencies (USD, BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, MXN, BRL, SGD, JPY), as before it was limited only to USD, BTC, ETH.

Matrix theme controls

Since it was a common request, it is now possible to control your Matrix theme’s background intensity and animation.

If you wish, using these controls, you can re-configure your Matrix theme to work as a basic dark theme with a black background.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading.

Send us your feedback if you have any issues or ideas for upgrades or new features.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

Coinwink Matrix

SPOILER ALERT: Reading this article in advance might impact your actual Coinwink Matrix experience and you’ll receive a lower level of satisfaction. Similarly, like someone spoils a movie for you by telling how it ends.

That is why we strongly suggest first to experience the Matrix, and then return here to read the article.

In your Coinwink account, switch from Classic to Matrix, and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The CSS Wonderland

During the last month, a lot of front-end updates were made for Coinwink.

The previous CSS styles file was a big mess. Started almost 4 years ago, many styles were inlined or randomly smashed together with !important overwrites and without a structure.

To fix such a chaotic styles file it takes quite a lot of time. These are little fixes but they are time-consuming, and when they’re done, it seems that nothing has changed. Why so?

Because the changes are behind-the-scenes. For example, a bigger invisible click/tap area for buttons. The user doesn’t see or think that there is a difference, but she feels it intuitively.

“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it.”
― Morpheus

All together, these little changes create a slick and smooth experience and make the web-app feel more like a native app.

What are these app-like changes, you might ask?

  • Disable zooming on mobile devices
  • Disable text/element selection on mobile devices
  • Create bigger invisible touch areas for clickable elements
  • Separate :hover and :active states on desktop and mobile devices
  • Minimize flickering
  • App icon for mobile devices, web app manifest, theme color etc.
  • Create custom form elements (inputs, drop-downs, buttons, checkboxes, etc.) with consistent style across all browsers
  • Styling scrollbars

And a few more tweaks here and there. Some of these things are implemented “out of the box” in most CSS frameworks, but Coinwink is not using a framework because similar frameworks often result in generic feel or enforce a specific style, and also increase the size of the app more than the custom CSS.

Additionally, during the recent updates, significant structural front-end changes were made. When looking from the outside, they are also invisible.

The new structure allows us to easily change styles, build new front-end features, and we can now create themes.

Introducing the new Matrix theme

The first theme built on the new Coinwink front-end structure is the Matrix.

“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room.”
― Morpheus

From the conceptual point of view, the Matrix is another dimension of reality, or a simulation (if the reality itself is not a simulation). The concept has deep meanings across different cultures, and this infuses the Matrix theme with the story and symbolism.

“You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
― Morpheus

A switch to Coinwink Matrix theme is animated and not instant. It creates the effect of a transition into a different dimension.

To experience the Matrix, switch the theme in your Coinwink account.

Crypto Alert view
Portfolio view
Watchlist view

Similar to other recent updates, Coinwink Matrix theme is extremely lightweight. When activated, it adds only around 20KB of size.

It’s the first theme – a showcase of new possibilities. The dynamic background is now probably too active, so in the near future, it will be possible to turn it off or make it less prominent.

More themes are planned for the future.

Above are presented Coinwink app mobile views. Coinwink works equally well on both desktop and mobile devices.

The newest source code will be available soon on our GitHub.

As usual, your feedback is appreciated!

Let us know what do you think about the new Matrix theme? What other themes and features you’d like to see in the future?

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

New Updates and Features

A quick overview of the newly added Coinwink features for the beginning of the summer.

Drag & drop coin sorting

Drag and drop to change your watchlist coins order.

Re-ordering works on desktop, and on mobile (long tap to activate dragging).

This is possible because modern browsers are now capable to perform many different functions natively. Using the HTML5 dragging feature and this little library, the new drag & drop functionality adds only 2KB to the overall Coinwink app size. In the old days, it would have been at least 20x that size, and a complicated solution.

Extra data

Click the price column name to switch between Volume and Market cap views.

The numbers are formatted in millions. Such formatting allows showing both small (thousands) and big (billions) numbers in a unified and compact way. If having trouble reading the numbers, click the coin logo to open its CoinMarketCap page where the volume and market cap has the standard formatting.


Additionally, now the currencies are converted on the front-end. It means that there is no more need to send converted coin prices over the internet as the calculations are simple and can be done on the client-side. This saves more than 0.5 MB, and the loading speed is significantly faster.

The above Pingdom speed test is done from Frankfurt, Germany.

Bug fixes

Some portfolio bugs fixed: Return on Investment (ROI) calculation and percentage view should work smoothly now.

Your feedback

Coinwink is constantly growing and improving. More features are coming soon!

Send us your feedback to [email protected].

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading.

The New Coinwink Blog

Welcome to the new Coinwink blog.

Here you will find information about the latest features, status updates, news, tips, tutorials and other goodies.

Coinwink is a cryptocurrency price alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other 2500+ crypto coins and tokens.

Don’t waste time watching crypto prices, use Coinwink.