Coinwink V2

The transition to Coinwink V2 has been successfully completed. Over the past year, we have made the following significant improvements to the platform:

  • Migrated from WordPress to Laravel
  • Added Telegram alerts
  • Introduced a new theme called Metaverse
  • Designed and implemented a new landing page
  • Implemented a revised pricing model

Let’s examine each of these updates in more detail.

Migration to Laravel

One of the most significant changes in the Coinwink V2 upgrade is the migration from WordPress to Laravel as the app’s framework. Laravel is a modern and powerful framework that enables faster and more efficient development. This benefits both the app’s users and its developers, as it allows for the easier implementation of new features and improvements in the future. Additionally, Laravel is known for its strong security and reliability, making it a perfect choice for an app that deals with confidential information.

Coinwink continues the tradition of being an open-source project, and as of the beginning of 2023, the latest Laravel-based source code of the app is available on GitHub. The previous WordPress-based Coinwink V1 source code can also be found in the same repository, archived under the Releases section.

Users can use Coinwink for personal, non-commercial needs, with instructions provided in the GitHub repository.

Telegram Alerts

Another major change in Coinwink V2 is the addition of Telegram crypto alerts. Users can now receive notifications about changes in their crypto holdings directly through the Telegram app, alongside the current email and SMS alerts. This provides an increased level of convenience for users who prefer to receive their alerts through this popular messaging platform.

Telegram is a widely used messaging app that is particularly popular in the cryptocurrency community, due to its fast speed, end-to-end encryption, and ability to support large groups. Telegram also allows for third-party bots and services to be integrated, which can provide additional features for its users. By providing alerts through this platform, Coinwink is able to reach a larger audience and offer a notification method that is preferred by many of its users.

For more details on how to set up crypto alerts for Telegram, please refer to this blog post.

New Landing Page

The new landing page for Coinwink showcases the various features offered on the platform, including crypto alerts, watchlist, portfolio, crypto converter, and themes. It provides an overview of the app’s capabilities and gives potential users a sense of what they can expect from Coinwink.

One unique aspect of the landing page is that it is interactive, allowing visitors to test out various features of the app directly on the page. This makes it easy for potential users to get a feel for the app and see how it can benefit them. The landing page also displays live prices for different cryptocurrencies, giving visitors a sense of the app’s real-time performance.

Unlike many other static landing pages, Coinwink’s interactive landing page provides a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. It effectively showcases the capabilities of the app and allows potential users to explore its features before deciding to sign up.

New Theme – Metaverse

In addition to the new features mentioned above, Coinwink V2 also includes a new dark theme called Metaverse. This sleek and modern dark theme adds a touch of style to the app, and makes it even easier to read and manage your crypto alerts, even in low light conditions.

The Metaverse is a concept that was first introduced in the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. It refers to a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.

In the context of Coinwink, the Metaverse theme refers to a visual design element that draws inspiration from this concept. It is characterized by a futuristic, virtual reality-inspired aesthetic that aims to transport users to a new, immersive digital world. The theme adds a unique and visually appealing element to the Coinwink app, giving it a distinctive look and feel.

The incorporation of the Metaverse theme into Coinwink is a nod to the app’s futuristic focus and its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the world of cryptocurrency. It is also a way for Coinwink to stand out and differentiate itself from other crypto apps on the market.

New Pricing Model

Coinwink has recently introduced a new Standard subscription option to its pricing model. This new option is in addition to the existing Free and Premium options.

The Premium subscription, which previously offered unlimited features and SMS alerts for $12 per month, remains unchanged. The Free plan, which includes 5 active email alerts and the ability to track 5 coins in the portfolio and watchlist, has also been left unchanged, with the addition of 5 active Telegram alerts.

The new Standard plan includes all the same unlimited features as the Premium plan, including unlimited email alerts, unlimited Telegram alerts, and the ability to track an unlimited number of coins in the portfolio and watchlist. The only difference between the Standard and Premium plans is that the Premium plan includes 100 SMS alerts per month, and in case, users on the Premium plan require more than 100 SMS alerts, they can purchase additional SMS credits.

Overall, the revised pricing model offers users more flexibility and choice, allowing them to select the plan that best fits their needs and budget.

Coinwink V2 in Conclusion

In summary, Coinwink V2 brings a range of new features and improvements to the app, including the switch to the new Laravel framework, the addition of Telegram alerts, the new landing page, and the revised pricing model. The new Metaverse theme adds a futuristic and visually appealing element to the app, and the interactive landing page allows visitors to test out various features of the app.

The revised pricing model offers more flexibility and choice for users, allowing them to select the plan that best fits their needs and budget. The addition of the Standard plan provides an intermediate option between the Free and Premium plans, giving users the opportunity to access many of the app’s advanced features, including unlimited crypto alerts, at a lower price point.

Overall, Coinwink V2 represents a significant upgrade to the app. It provides users with a range of new features and options, including its core functionality of crypto alerts that assist in monitoring and managing cryptocurrency investments. We encourage you to check out Coinwink and see how it can benefit you in your cryptocurrency journey.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

Crypto Alerts for Telegram

Coinwink app has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to receive cryptocurrency alerts for 3600 different crypto coins and tokens through the popular messaging app Telegram. This is a significant expansion from the previous alerting system, which only supported email and SMS notifications.

Benefits of Telegram alerts

Telegram crypto alerts offer a number of benefits compared to traditional alerting methods such as email and SMS.

Telegram is a messaging app that has gained popularity among cryptocurrency users due to its strong emphasis on privacy and security. Telegram messages are encrypted end-to-end, which means that only the sender and recipient can read the message, and no one in between can access it. This makes it an ideal platform for delivering sensitive information like cryptocurrency alerts.

Email and SMS, on the other hand, are not encrypted by default, and can be intercepted by a hacker. This makes them less secure than Telegram for transmitting sensitive information.

Another benefit of using Telegram for crypto alerts is flexibility. Telegram allows users to customize their alerts in a number of ways, such as setting different alert tones for different types of notifications, or choosing to receive alerts only at specific times of the day. This means that users can tailor their alert experience to their personal preferences, and avoid being bombarded with notifications at inappropriate times.

In contrast, email and SMS alerts are more limited in their customization options. With email, users can only choose to receive alerts at certain times if they set up a filter in their email client, and with SMS, users are at the mercy of their cellular provider’s delivery schedule.

Compared to email or SMS delivery methods, Telegram is a faster and more reliable way to receive crypto alerts. Telegram is a messaging app that was specifically designed for speed and security, and it can deliver messages almost instantly. This means that you can receive your alerts as soon as they are triggered, giving you the best possible chance to act on them quickly.

Telegram also allows you to access your alerts from any device, including your phone, tablet, or computer. This means that you can stay up-to-date with your alerts no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

How to set up price and percentage alerts for Telegram

To receive Telegram crypto alerts, first open the Telegram app and send any message to the @CoinwinkBot Telegram account.

Then enter your Telegram username in the Coinwink app, and click Connect. After the connection between your Coinwink account and the Telegram bot is established, you will be able to create and receive Telegram crypto alerts.

Keep in mind that the Telegram username is not the same as the name. You can set up your username in the Telegram app settings. If you change your username, send a new message to the @CoinwinkBot, and then connect with the new username.

Disconnected view
Connected view

Telegram alerts for portfolio coins & tokens

You can also use Telegram notifications for the continuous multiple-coin Portfolio alerts.

To set up multiple-coin alerts, first open your Coinwink Portfolio, then scroll down and expand the Portfolio Alerts widget.

Select Telegram as your preferred alerts delivery method, and then connect with your Telegram account as explained above and inside the app.

Disconnected view
Connected view

Manage your Telegram alerts

You can manage your Telegram alerts similarly as email and SMS alerts.

For easier separation of different types of alerts, every alert is now indicated by one of three symbols that represent email, SMS or Telegram.

In conclusion

Overall, Coinwink’s new Telegram alerts represent a significant improvement over its email and SMS alerts. They are faster, more secure, and more customizable, making them a valuable addition to the app’s suite of features.

By using crypto alerts for Telegram, you can be confident that your alerts will be delivered quickly and securely, and you can customize them to suit your specific needs.

If you are interested in receiving cryptocurrency alerts, be sure to check out the Coinwink app and give Telegram alerts a try.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

Coinwink Tips & Tricks

In this article, you’ll find the big list of tips & tricks for the Coinwink app. So let’s jump right into it!

Tip 1: A direct link to any coin or a token

Use a custom Coinwink URL to pre-select your coin. To do so, simply add the coin symbol after the slash at the end of the URL.

For example, the following URL is a direct link to Ethereum.

For selected cryptocurrencies, we have created unique thumbnails, so that when you share the coin link, you also get an image preview. Above are a few examples.

Tip 2: Cryptocurrency Converter

Use the cryptocurrency converter to quickly convert between 3600 cryptocurrencies, and 9 fiat currencies.

You can find the cryptocurrency converter widget in every coin’s invidividual page (see Tip 1), and in your Coinwink Portfolio.

Tip 3: Use Coinwink in your local currency

This feature is easy to miss because it’s not very prominent.

When creating a new alert, click the USD value below the coins list to switch between currencies. In the portfolio and watchlist, pick currencies from the drop-down list. When you change the currency, it is saved automatically and is selected the next time you open the app.

Coinwink supports 8 different fiat currencies:
– USD (American Dollar)
– EUR (Euro)
– AUD (Australian Dollar)
– CAD (Canadian Dollar)
– BRL (Brazilian Real)
– MXN (Mexican Peso)
– JPY (Japanese Yen)
– SGD (Singapore Dollar)

Tip 4: Phone number formatting for SMS alerts

For SMS crypto alerts, the mobile phone number needs to be entered in the international format, which usually starts with the plus sign.

It’s also a good idea to send yourself a test alert, to be 100% sure that the number is entered correctly.

For more details, please refer to this Coinwink blog post, which explains in detail how to format phone numbers with examples for different countries.

Tip 5: Manage alerts and view alert logs

Track your activated crypto alerts with Logs in your alerts manager.

In case the alert was not delivered, you will see a message with possible reasons.

You can open any activated alert from your logs in a separate window. You can also share its link since the alert page doesn’t reveal any private data. This is an example Bitcoin alert, which was activated on Jul 26, 2021.

Tip 6: Resetting alerts

In your crypto alerts manager, click an alert to enable/disable it.

The strike-through alert is disabled (or already activated). Simply click on it to re-enable it. The opposite is also true – by clicking on an active alert, you will disable it.

Tip 7: Updating and resetting percentage alerts

For percentage alerts, you can update the set price by clicking on it (dashed underline). When clicked, the set price updates to the current price point.

To enable/disable the alert itself, simply click on the percentage part of the alert.

Tip 8: Watchlist – Drag & drop coins sorting

Drag & drop to re-order watchlist coins. This feature works on both desktop and mobile devices and supports all major modern browsers.

Tip 9: Watchlist – Hidden extra data

In the watchlist, click the Price column label to switch between Price, Volume, and Market cap.

Tip 10: Portfolio – Return on investment (ROI)

Wondering if your cryptocurrency investments appreciated in value, or are you having a loss? Coinwink ROI calculator will show you this data immediately.

In your Coinwink portfolio, click the ROI icon. Then enter the total amount invested, and the current Profit/Loss will be displayed automatically.

Tip 11: Portfolio – Notes

For many reasons, when investing in cryptocurrencies, it is often a good idea to keep notes. Notes can be related to your long-term goals, short-term targets, there can be saved relevant links or any other information.

With the Coinwink app, you can take notes for every individual coin in your portfolio. Simply click the note icon and enter the note. Notes are saved automatically.

Tip 12: Portfolio – Multiple coin alerts

Use the Coinwink portfolio alerts feature to track multiple cryptocurrencies at once.

Portfolio alerts are continuous. It means that if the alert was sent, it will be sent again the next time the conditions are met. There is no need to manually re-activate portfolio alerts.

For each individual portfolio coin, the same type of alert is sent once in 24h. For example, if you received an alert that Bitcoin increased by more than 10% in 1h, all the following Bitcoin portfolio alerts for the 1h increase will be ignored for the next 24h. Portfolio alerts are sent every 2 minutes.

You will find the portfolio alerts widget below your Coinwink portfolio. Simply click the little top-right arrow to expand/collapse the widget.

Tip 13: Matrix theme

From your Coinwink account settings, you can switch between Coinwink Classic and Matrix themes.

You can quickly preview the Matrix theme with the demo Portfolio here. For the preview, the account is not needed.

It is possible to control your Matrix theme’s background intensity and animation.

If you wish, using these controls, you can re-configure your Matrix theme to work as a basic dark theme with a black background.

Tip 14: Use Coinwink as a mobile app

Coinwink is a web-app that is highly optimized for the mobile experience. That’s why it can be used similarly as a native mobile app on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

To add the Coinwink app to your mobile device, simply open in your mobile browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), click Settings, and then add it to your home screen. You will then be able to use Coinwink similarly as to any other mobile app, launching it by pressing the Coinwink app icon on your mobile device’s home screen.

For a detailed explanation with visual instructions, please refer to this post on our blog.

Tip 15: Get more SMS alerts

If you have enough SMS credits, you can receive more than 100 monthly SMS crypto alerts. To buy additional SMS credits for an ongoing month, visit your Coinwink account settings and click “Get more SMS”.

Tip 16: Receiving crypto alerts even without the internet

Since SMS delivery doesn’t require an internet connection, you can receive SMS crypto alerts anywhere in the world where a simple cellular network is available.

It takes to receive one, to feel its benefits. As one of our users explains:

“What I liked, when I was without the Internet, I got an SMS with BTC alert somewhere on the bus. That was pretty cool. Imagine traveling and getting your shitcoin alerts no matter where you are.”
— Martin, Coinwink User

Tip 17: Receiving alerts like mobile notifications

Coinwink doesn’t support mobile notifications because they inherently have a low notification value, can be annoying, and negatively impact productivity (read more about it here), but still, there is a way how you can setup Coinwink to receive mobile notifications.

Simply download the ProtonMail app on your mobile device, and create a new email account. Use this email account exclusively for Coinwink alerts. Mobile notifications should be enabled for the ProtonMail app.

Every time you receive an email alert to your ProtonMail, you will also get a mobile notification.

Tip 18: Superfast navigation with keyboard shortcuts

On desktop devices, using the default keyboard and mouse controls, you can populate your Coinwink portfolio and watchlist quickly and comfortably.

To speed-up the navigation even more, or to make it more comfortable, in the portfolio and watchlist, use the following keyboard shortcuts to add or remove cryptocurrencies: Enter, Tab, Shift+Tab.

Tip 19: Superfast crypto market research

Click on any coin’s logo, anywhere inside of the Coinwink app, to open that coin’s CoinMarketCap page, where you will find additional data: charts, social news, stats, and other details about that coin.

For example, some particular coin in your portfolio has increased by 30% in 24h. Wondering what’s the reason behind such a price increase? Click the coin logo to open its CMC page, then click on the social tab, and it’s quite likely that you will find your answer inside the Reddit or a Twitter widget on CMC. From there, you can dig deeper to understand more about the recent price spike.

This concludes our Tips & Tricks blog post. Let us know if you have any other useful use cases discovered, so we can include them here!

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

What Are Crypto Alerts and How to Get Them on Binance, Coinbase, Robinhood, and Coinwink

Unlike traditional stock markets that work on specific hours and days, and can be closed on demand, the cryptocurrency market is open all the time, without weekends or holidays – it works 24/7, it never stops!

This always-active and constantly-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market can cause some significant stress, especially to those who do not know how to manage their crypto investing activities with the help of technology and automation, or more precisely, with crypto alerts.

In this article, we will explain how cryptocurrency price alerts can help you save time and provide a simple framework to efficiently manage your crypto investing activities.

Further in the article, we will review the crypto alerting capabilities of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Finally, we will pick the best all-in-one app for you to easily get crypto alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and thousands of other crypto coins and tokens from hundreds of exchanges, without the need to spend a lot of time or effort on your side.

What are crypto alerts?

Crypto alerts are transactional messages that you receive through your chosen communication channel. Crypto alerts can be delivered by email, SMS, or by some form of notifications.

Crypto price alerts will inform you when your predefined alert conditions are met, e.g. the alert will be sent when the Bitcoin price goes above 100,000 USD, or when it drops by 10% in 24H, or similar.

The main purpose of crypto alerts is the automation of the manual chart watching process. It saves a lot of time and provides other benefits.

When we refer to crypto alerts, we mean user-created custom alerts about cryptocurrency prices, and NOT crypto signals, that are based on a third-party algorithm.

What are crypto signals?

Crypto signals are not crypto alerts, although they can often be mistaken.

The main characteristic of crypto signals, is that they are based on some kind of a third-party algorithm, and you receive a signal when conditions, predefined in the algorithm, are met.

As opposed to complex conditions defined by an algorithm in crypto signals, crypto alerts are based on simple conditions, defined by every individual user.

While some of these crypto signals can provide useful information, lots of them are quite random and not useful at all.

In this article, we focus only on crypto alerts, since crypto signals are a whole different field of the cryptocurrency industry.

Why use crypto price alerts?

The main purpose of crypto alerts is to empower you with the information, which is important to you, comes at the right time, and through your chosen communication channel.

Below are the top 5 benefits of crypto price alerts. These are the top 5 ways how using crypto alerts can improve your cryptocurrency investing activities, and in general benefit your life situation:

  • Crypto alerts save time by automating manual price watching;
  • Crypto alerts provide a sense of security and control since the market is being tracked 24/7;
  • Crypto alerts inform you about crypto price changes that are important to you;
  • Crypto alerts help you to focus on your long-term investing goals;
  • Crypto alerts prevent the addiction to compulsive crypto chart watching.

So, since crypto alerts are so beneficial, where can you get them? Can you set up free crypto price alerts on the most popular trading platforms, such as Robinhood, Coinbase, and Binance?

Yes, these services provide at least some form of crypto alerting. Let’s review them in detail and see how to set up crypto price alerts on each of these platforms.

How to set up crypto alerts on Binance?

If you are investing in cryptocurrencies mainly through the Binance exchange, crypto price alerts available in the Binance mobile app are quite versatile and might be sufficient for your needs.

Alerts can be received only as push notifications, and they are available only on the mobile app, but not the web app. If you don’t mind these limitations, Binance crypto alerts might be a good choice for you.

To set up crypto alerts on the Binance mobile app, you first need to switch to Binance Pro in your app settings. Then select a market pair, at the bottom click Alerts, and there you will be able to set up a crypto alert as a mobile notification.

Using the Binance mobile app, you can set up the following types of crypto alerts: Price Rises Above, Price Drops To, Change is Over, Change is Under, 24H Change is Over, 24H Change is Down.

More info on how to set crypto alerts using the Binance mobile app.

How to get crypto alerts on Coinbase?

In the past, Coinbase provided a custom crypto alerting service, but it’s been discontinued.

You can now set up only limited-functionality crypto alerts, using the Coinbase mobile app. You will receive alerts of significant price changes for coins in your Coinbase watchlist.

To start receiving these crypto alerts, open the Coinbase app settings, then choose notifications, and define some basic conditions on how you’d like to receive your crypto alerts.

There are three ways how alerts can be delivered: In-app only, by mobile push notifications, or by email.

Coinbase now offers only a very basic crypto alerting service with limited functionality, but it still can be useful for some segments of users. For others, its limited range of features simply won’t be sufficient, so it’s better to look for a fully customizable crypto alerts app.

More info on how to get crypto alerts with the Coinbase app.

How to set crypto alerts on Robinhood?

Robinhood has a unique crypto alerting system, though it is also mobile-only and with push notifications being a single alerts delivery option.

For alerts, the main option is percentage alerts with the default threshold set to 5%, which can be changed to 10%. It means, that if Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or another cryptocurrency you hold or watch on Robinhood, increases or decreases by 5% (or 10%), you will receive a push notification.

You can control how many push notifications you want to receive with LESS and MORE options.

If you choose LESS, you will receive up to 3 alerts for each coin during the 24H period. If you pick the MORE option, then the 3 alerts limitation won’t be applied.

Additionally, Robinhood provides a unique 52 Week High/Low crypto alert. If you opt-in to receive this alert, you will be notified when a coin you hold or watch reaches the 52-week high or low. You can only receive this alert once per week.

More info on how Robinhood alerts work and how to receive them.

Notifications VS email & SMS

As we can see, the above-mentioned services provide crypto alerts only as mobile notifications, and with very limited functionality. That’s far from ideal.

Inherently, push notifications have a low alerting value. Since we get so many of them, we become quite insensitive to them. That’s why it’s easy to miss a crypto alert that comes as a mobile notification.

Additionally, if we try to customize mobile notifications, they either don’t work according to our setup, or there is no individual customization. If you want to live a productive and well-balanced life, consider turning mobile notifications off, and then check the difference.

There are better ways than push notifications to deliver crypto alerts.

“We all get too many rings and blips and squawks on our smartphone. Every ping your phone emits is another distraction, one that can take several minutes to recover from. Here’s how to shut them up.”

The all-in-one crypto alerts app

As promised at the beginning of this article, it’s time to pick the best all-in-one crypto alerts app. In our biased opinion, the best crypto alerts app is Coinwink! But let us provide some good arguments, why we think so, and then you can make your own decision.

Coinwink is a crypto alerts web-app, founded in 2016. During these years, it was stress-tested, hardened, polished, and optimized for the main function – to deliver crypto alerts as best as possible.

Coinwink is universal because it’s based on CoinMarketCap, which is considered the industry standard for cryptocurrency markets data. Coinwink tracks the top 3600 coins and tokens from CoinMarketCap, based on the data from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinwink is fast! The data on Coinwink is updated and crypto price alerts are triggered every minute.

Because Coinwink is a web app, you can use it equally comfortably on both mobile and desktop devices.

Coinwink is privacy-focused and open source.

Additionally, Coinwink provides crypto percentage alerts and portfolio multiple-coin alerts. You can also follow Coinwink Twitter for Top Gainers and All-Time High crypto alerts, and check the Coinwink NFT for nft alerts.

Coinwink Matrix Theme

Coinwink alerts can be set in 9 different fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, SGD, JPY, MXN, BRL), and all the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others.

The Coinwink app user interface is based on the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) principle, and the 80/20 Rule (the Pareto Principle), therefore the app is simple, slick, and efficient.

Additionally, Coinwink offers crypto watchlist and portfolio features that provide extra tools and “bird’s-eye view” insights in a single and easy to access place.

And finally, it has a free plan that allows you to use all the main Coinwink features for free for up to 10 (2×5) alerts, and 5 coins in the watchlist and portfolio. So sign up for a free Coinwink account, and start receiving crypto alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies right away.


In this article, we answered the question about what are crypto alerts, and also what benefits they provide, where to get and how to use them.

Since manual price watching is a waste of time and can lead to degraded investing results, lowered life quality, addiction to charts, and similar negative outcomes, it’s better to liberate oneself from this endless chart watching with the help of technology and automation.

By using one of the crypto alerting services available online, you’ll be aware of the cryptocurrency market conditions 24/7, without wasting a lot of time or effort.

You can set up crypto alerts in mobile apps of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, but the functionality of these integrated crypto alerts is limited in many ways.

A better idea is to choose a stand-alone and fully customizable app for managing your crypto alerts, and if it has other relevant tools included in the whole package, that’s only a plus!

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article does not constitute any form of investment advice, recommendation, or endorsement by Coinwink. The information is general in nature and is not intended to address your particular requirements. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation, or other professional advice to check how the information relates to your unique circumstances.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

NFT Floor Price Alerts, NFT Watchlist and Portfolio Tracking App – Coinwink NFT

Notice: Coinwink NFT has been discontinued.

Introducing Coinwink NFT – a free web app that helps you to track non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with NFT floor price alerts, NFT watchlist, and NFT portfolio.

The app supports NFT collections that are based on the Ethereum blockchain, and are available in the OpenSea marketplace. You can add new NFT collections to the app easily.

While the NFT market is not yet as big or active as the cryptocurrency market, it still has similar challenges: how to track different assets (NFT ERC-721 tokens VS coins or ERC-20 tokens) across different asset classes (NFT collections VS blockchains or project tokens), and how to automatically track the main value indicator of your assets (NFT floor price VS coin or token price).

Inspired by the Coinwink app design, architecture, and functionality, Coinwink NFT is helping NFT investors to automate the NFT market tracking in order to get important information easily, and without the need to spend a lot of time or effort.

This is achieved with the help of NFT Floor Price Alerts, and such tools as the NFT Watchlist and NFT Portfolio. Below these new Coinwink NFT features are explained in detail.

NFT Floor Price Alerts

Don’t waste time manually watching NFT orders on OpenSea. Automate this task with Coinwink NFT Floor Price Alerts.

No more need to actively wait for a collection’s floor price decrease, or for a blitz discount (e.g. a sell order 30% below market price). No more need to worry that you will miss your NFTs going “to the moon” when you are not actively watching them.

Similarly as Coinwink users are using crypto alerts to automatically track their cryptocurrency assets, with the Coinwink NFT floor price alerts you can track your chosen NFT collections, and receive alerts by email when your predefined floor price conditions are met.

Coinwink NFT floor price alerts are completely free. At any given moment, you can create and manage up to 100 alerts. These include both active and already activated (inactive) alerts. You can delete inactive or unnecessary alerts, and instead create new ones.

There are no limits on how many alerts you can receive.

The floor price data is updated and alerts are sent every minute.

NFT Portfolio

Coinwink NFT Portfolio is a tool that tracks individual NFTs from different NFT collections in one single and easy to access view.

You can use the Portfolio to track NFTs that you already own, or use it as an NFT wishlist, or a favorites list.

Coinwink NFT Portfolio is a free feature that you can start using right now!

To add an NFT to your portfolio, simply select the NFT collection, enter the NFT ID, and click the “Add” button.

In the portfolio, every NFT is shown with its image, links to OpenSea and the NFT collection, also the NFT collection’s current floor price, and some extra price data. The data is updated every minute.

Additionally, the last sale price is available for every NFT, and at the bottom, the total portfolio floor price and total portfolio last sale values are presented.

NFT Watchlist

While the Coinwink NFT app is tracking hundreds of NFT collections, it is natural that for you only a part of the whole list is important.

Using the NFT Watchlist, you can easily create a custom set of NFT collections, without the need to look for them one by one every time in the main big list.

The collections you are going to track can be either collections of NFTs that you are looking to buy, or collections of NFTs that you already own.

NFT Watchlist is a quick and simple way to get a bird’s eye view of the NFT market’s situation about NFT collections that are important to you.

The NFT Watchlist feature is free to use, so start building your watchlist right now!

NFT Collections

Coinwink NFT is tracking NFT collections that are available on the OpenSea marketplace, and are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collections list is open for new additions to every user, hence the list of supported collections keeps growing.

You can add a new NFT collection easily, just by entering its OpenSea slug (…/collection/slug) from the OpenSea collection URL in the NFT Collections view.

Coinwink NFT collections default view is presented as a list of top NFT collections by the biggest NFT projects.

When you click on an individual collection, you can find more data about it: general description, smart contract information, price and volume statistics, direct links to OpenSea and Gem marketplaces for every individual collection, etc.

The NFT App for You

Coinwink NFT is a completely free web app, and we plan to keep it this way. So sign up for a free Coinwink NFT account, and start tracking your NFTs right away!

Coinwink NFT is currently in early beta – it’s the first public release, and therefore there can be bugs, and some features are still missing or not yet fully polished.

We appreciate your feedback. Please send us bug reports or feature requests by email.

And finally, spread the word about Coinwink NFT. Thank you!

Coinwink NFT
NFT Alerts, Watchlist and Portfolio Tracking App

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chaos and Uncertainty in Crypto Markets

Cryptocurrency markets are infamous for their high volatility, which can bring a lot of uncertainty and chaos into our everyday lives.

Furthermore, as opposed to traditional stock markets that work on specific hours and can be closed on demand, crypto markets are open all the time, they work non-stop, 24/7.

In this article, we will describe how to keep a rational mindset, and stick to your long-term investing goals during chaotic and uncertain times in crypto markets, with the help of automated crypto alerts, and without the need to endlessly watch charts or waste a lot of time.

Below are defined 5 common conditions that re-occur in crypto markets again and again. Because each condition is a generalized phenomenon that keeps on repeating, we can look at it rationally, as to a pattern.

  • Bull Market (Uptrend)
  • Bear Market (Downtrend)
  • Range-Bound (Consolidation)
  • FUD (Panic Selling)
  • FOMO (Panic Buying)

By better understanding these generalized market conditions, we can eliminate crypto market’s negative side-effects from our daily lives. At the same time, by automatically monitoring cryptocurrency market situation with crypto alerts, we can be well-informed and ready to take action when the right time comes.

Bull Market (Uptrend)

During a bull market, the long-term market trend is directed upwards.

The price doesn’t shoot straight up but is climbing little by little, with setbacks along the way. During these bull market setbacks, we often see “buy the dip”, and “HODL” memes.

While the downside is limited, the upside is always bigger, and hence the price keeps increasing. This lasts for a relatively long period of time so that the long-term uptrend can be established.

Bitcoin bull market from Jan 2015 to Dec 2017

There can be short-term, and long-term bull markets.

We can say, that the longest bull market so far in crypto, is Bitcoin rising from $0.00 in 2009 to more than $69,000 in 2021. Of course, during this epic bull run, there were many bear markets, but that’s the topic of the next chapter.

Currently, in 2022, it is not clear if we are in a prolonged bull market that started in 2020, or in a bear market that started in 2021. Time will tell, as everything becomes clear when looking retrospectively.

To keep a balanced view during bull markets, set alerts for your long-term price targets. That will help you to stay off the charts, and not miss your price targets when they are reached.

Many crypto influencers and financial analytics believe that in 2022 Bitcoin will reach 100k price and that the bull market will continue. So, if you think that we are currently in a prolonged bull market, the following crypto alert would make perfect sense.

Set your price target alert and safely forget charts

Having a long-term price target will help you not to make emotional decisions since usually, it’s better to stick to a long-term strategy. Price targets in your defined crypto alerts will always remind you about your long-term goals.

Bear Market (Downtrend)

During a bear market, the long-term trend is directed downwards, and therefore prices are going down. Similar to bull markets, bear markets can be prolonged. No one knows when the bear market will end, similarly as no one knows when the bull run ends.

Cryptocurrency bear market (2017-2018)

During a bear market, you may cut your losses and exit the market, or keep hodling your crypto assets, until (and if) they recover.

If you cut your losses at some price, you may want to re-enter the market at a lower price point. In such cases, set an alert for a lower price. If the market reaches your defined price target, you will be notified by the alert.

If, on the other hand, you keep on your crypto assets, and wait for the price to recover, simply set an alert for a higher price, and safely forget charts.

Set a single crypto alert that covers both low and high price targets

Range-Bound (Consolidation)

During the range-bound market, for a prolonged period of time, Bitcoin is trading between the upper, and lower trendlines. It’s a kind of consolidation period, during which there is not a lot of market activity. During these periods, we see similar memes as “c’mon, do something”.

BTC range-bound (May-August 2021)

Since most of the altcoins depend on Bitcoin price movements, other cryptocurrency prices also follow Bitcoin, more or less in a range-bound manner.

During these times, traders expect the price to break below the lower trendline, or above the upper one. Breaking above signals that the bull market will continue, and vice-versa.

Since there is not a lot of action happening during the range-bound period, it’s not wise to keep watching charts. Instead, better set up a crypto alert that will notify you when the coin price breaks the upper or lower trendline.

Crypto alert example for a range-bound market

After you set the alert, you can safely forget charts, as there is no more need to keep checking them. The alert will inform you when your predefined conditions are met. Maybe Bitcoin will trade in the range for another month, but since you have an active alert, you don’t need to watch charts at all. You now have free time available which you can spend however you prefer.

FUD (Panic Selling)

During the FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) periods, panic selling can start in markets because of some potential “black swan” event, such as China banning Bitcoin, BCH flipping BTC, COVID-19 initial shock, and similar.

Some FUD is based on real-life facts or events, while other FUD can be fake news, propaganda, etc.

During these periods, the market becomes very sensitive and can react with sharp price decline because of some slightly negative or even neutral news, and then because of the free-fall effect, which generates additional FUD, the price can decline even further.

COVID-19 initial shock in March 2019

Because of the FUD-induced panic selling, the market can quickly plunge significantly, but usually, it also tends to recover quickly.

So in these FUD situations, if you receive a range-bound alert that the Bitcoin price is below your lower trendline, you do not necessarily need to react to it. You should double-check, maybe it’s just FUD. In such cases, the price can be significantly lowered for the short-term period because of panic sellers, but that doesn’t reflect the true value of an asset if its fundamentals stay strong.

In similar FUD situations, it can become harder to concentrate on your everyday life, family, work, stay productive, sleep well, etc. An irrational fear might keep you stuck at checking cryptocurrency prices.

So, in order to regain freedom from charts, create a crypto alert which, for example, is -20% below the current price, if you can tolerate such a minus. You will then be able to leave charts safely, and continue with your day. While the alert is not received, you will always know that the price did not decline by more than -20%, and this knowledge can provide a real sense of security.

Crypto alert for -20% below the current coin price

And of course, if the FUD is happening during a bull market, you may want to “buy the dip”. So set the alert for your lower price target, and the alert will inform you when your defined conditions are met.

On the other hand, if you have a lower tolerance for risk, you may decide to sell if the price falls by more than 10-20%. Since there are no universal rules in investing, selling may also turn out to be a wise decision, since some innocent-looking FUDs can quickly (or slowly) spin out into a prolonged bear market, despite the fundamentals.

FOMO (Panic Buying)

During the FOMO (fear of missing out) periods, we can observe a parabolic price increase in a relatively short period of time. In such cases, there are many more buyers than sellers in crypto markets, and hence the price can increase very quickly.

FOMO aka panic buying in 2021

FOMO is quite the opposite of FUD. While the FUD is powered by fear and negative news, FOMO is powered by greed and hype.

FOMO lasts a relatively short period of time, and after the FOMO, there can be a sharp price decline. But not always, as there can be several FOMO events, with only mild setbacks in between.

Since FOMO events happen several times during a prolonged bull market, it is wise to stick to your long-term strategy. But if the FOMO happens near your target price, it might also be a good idea to sell during such a FOMO moment.

To catch these FOMO moments, you can use the Coinwink Portfolio multiple-coin alerts feature. These are percentage alerts, and they will inform you when any of your portfolio coins increase by a specified percentage in a 1h or 24h period. You can have 20 or more coins and tokens in your portfolio, and all of them will be tracked by the single multiple-coin alert. That’s a simple and reliable way to catch FOMO events.

Multiple-coin alert to track all Coinwink Portfolio coins at once


Since humans cannot predict the future, and there are no universal rules that can guarantee success in crypto markets, it is impossible to eliminate chaos and uncertainty from our lives completely.

Additionally, it is no longer possible to ignore cryptocurrencies altogether, because they are everywhere now. Every day we are bombarded with crypto-related messages through different media channels, and we can no longer choose not to participate in crypto in one way or another.

Instead of trying to ignore and avoid the market entirely, we can participate in it by being well-informed long-term investors with the help of the right tools and automation.

By embracing the chaos and uncertainty with the help of Coinwink email and SMS crypto alerts, it is possible to simplify and automate cryptocurrency market tracking, keep a rational mindset and a detached perspective, and concentrate on the long-term investing goals.

It is much easier to tolerate this chaos and uncertainty when you know that the crypto market is being monitored 24/7 according to your custom set of rules.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article does not constitute any form of investment advice, recommendation, or endorsement by Coinwink. The information is general in nature and is not intended to address your particular requirements. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation, or other professional advice to check how the information relates to your unique circumstances.

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Coinwink User Testimonials

Thanks to everyone for sending us feedback and new feature requests.

If you have never sent feedback to Coinwink, you can do this from your Coinwink account, or by sending us an email.

We are happy to receive much positive feedback from our users. Below we share some of the best messages we have received.

Hi, this is a great app! Most of my other alert sources weren’t triggering or I miss the notifications … but Wink is always on it as I always get my texts … I’ve made money due to this efficiency so thanks and power to you …   


Hello friends,

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic app this is. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. So incredibly user friendly and yet has everything I need…watchlist and portfolio and alerts. I was more than happy to pay for the program. Not only does it speed up my crypto trading and monitoring but it also saves me a lot on data because I no longer have to log into several different sites to check things and I no longer have to monitor quick day trades manually sometimes for many hours until selling. Now I can just set an alert and rest assured I will know when my target is met even when I am sleeping. 🙂

Anyways, thanks so much for keeping this simple, easy to use and effective. Much appreciated. Take care and keep up the good work!


I like so much the matrix theme! 😀

I can’t believe how good this is. You’re a life saver!

Hello !

It’s been a few minutes since I created an account and used the product. I am loving it !

Everything is so simple, yet so fast and useful. I must say, especially the UI/UX, it’s just great. No use of flashy colors or components, just a simple interface that gets all the work done. No ads is a bonus.
Just realised the project is open source, that is really cool !

Keep up the good work !

P.S. The winking emoticon logo is also awesome 🙂


It’s honestly incredible how easy it is to make this into an iOS app just by saving it to the home page on your phone and logging in once… REVOLUTIONARY


This is fantastic and exactly what I wanted — already upgraded to premium. The UI is also beautiful. Nice work!

Thank you for these kind words 🙏

Indeed, we put a lot of work into the Coinwink app during the last several years, followed the KISS principle, focused on consistency and clean design, constantly improved, and listened to your feedback. We will continue improving further on.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

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How to Use Coinwink as a Mobile App

Coinwink is a cross-platform web app, which means that you can use it from any device instantly, without the need to download or install anything.

On a desktop or a laptop computer, simply open Coinwink in your web browser. The beauty of such a web app is that it can be used on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, macOS, or any other OS.

On mobile devices, you can place the Coinwink app icon on your mobile device’s Home screen and then use it similarly to any other mobile app. When opened from the Home screen, the browser’s address bar is hidden, so the app has a native feel.

In this article, you will find visual instructions on how to place the Coinwink app icon on your Android or iOS mobile device’s Home screen using a mobile web browser.

As one of our users describes the Coinwink mobile experience:

“It’s honestly incredible how easy it is to make this into an iOS app just by saving it to the home page on your phone and logging in once… REVOLUTIONARY”
— Pablo, Coinwink user

Android Mobile Devices

On Android mobile devices the two most popular web browsers are Chrome and Mozilla, so below we provide quick instructions for both of them.

Android + Google Chrome

1. Open in your Chrome mobile browser and touch the three dots icon (top right) to open the customization menu.
2. Touch “Add to Home screen” menu item.
3. Touch “Add” in the confirmation pop-up window.

Below is a short explanatory video on how to add the Coinwink app icon to your Android home screen using Google Chrome mobile web browser. The video was recorded in 2019, so don’t mind the lower Bitcoin price and a slightly different app interface.

Android + Mozilla Firefox

1. Open in your Firefox mobile browser and touch the three dots icon (top bottom) to open the customization menu.
2. Touch “Install” menu item.
3. Touch “Add automatically” in the confirmation pop-up window, or touch and hold the Coinwink icon to manually drag & drop it to the desired location on your Home screen.

Apple iOS Mobile Devices

Safari is the browser developed by Apple and is the default and most popular choice for iOS mobile devices. If you are using Chrome or Firefox browser on your iOS device, please follow the instructions provided above.

Instructions on how to add the Coinwink app icon to the home screen of your Apple iOS mobile device, when using the Safari web browser, are provided below.

Apple iOS + Safari

1. Open in your Safari mobile browser and touch the customization menu icon (middle bottom).
2. Touch “Add to Home Screen” menu item.
3. Touch “Add” in the confirmation window. Then your Coinwink app icon will appear on your iOS device Home Screen.


As you can see and experience, using Coinwink as a mobile app is very easy and comfortable.

It may be even more comfortable than a native app, because of the design consistency between the desktop and mobile versions, and also because there is no need for download and installation.

Simply open Coinwink from anywhere and on any device, log in to your account, and you are back on track!

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How to Start Receiving SMS Crypto Alerts

This is a quick guide for new Coinwink Premium users on how to start receiving SMS crypto alerts.

In short, to receive SMS alerts, your phone number needs to be formatted in the international E.164 standard. Additionally, to be 100% sure that alerts can be delivered to your phone, you can create a simple test alert.

Further on in this article, you will find more info about our SMS service, and a detailed explanation on how to format your phone number, create a test alert, track alerts delivery with logs.

SMS crypto alerts with a global reach

For SMS broadcasting, Coinwink uses Twilio API. Twilio is the global leader in SMS messaging and provides worldwide coverage for SMS delivery.

Our users come mostly from the US, Canada, UK, EU, Latin America, Asia, Australia, and other countries with well-established mobile network infrastructure. If the user enters the phone number correctly, and the phone is in range, during the four years of our partnership with Twilio, we have almost 100% SMS delivery rate.

In general, we provide global coverage and can deliver SMS messages to all countries. If you are living in a country where the mobile network infrastructure is not well-established, or your mobile carrier is known for blocking incoming messages, contact us before upgrading to Premium, so we can send you a test SMS alert.

Enter your phone number in international standard

The single most important requirement is to enter your phone number in the international E.164 standard.

The phone number should start with the plus sign, followed by the country code, area code, and then the actual phone number.

1. Plus (+) sign (replacing the International Call Prefix like 011)
2. International Country Calling code
3. Local Area code
4. Local Phone number

For example, here’s a UK-based number in standard local formatting:

Here’s the same phone number in E.164 formatting:

In a number of countries, local dialing may require the addition of a ‘0’ in front of the subscriber number. With E.164 formatting, this ‘0’ must usually be removed.

Receiving SMS alerts to the US phone numbers

Coinwink phone number from which we send SMS messages is located in the US, so it can deliver SMS messages to other US phone numbers formatted in both local and international standards.

This is an example cell number from New York, formatted in the local standard:

This is the same phone number formatted in the international standard:

Only for the US cell phone numbers, both formats are accepted. For all other countries, the phone number needs to be formatted in the international standard.

International formatting examples

A few phone number examples formatted in the international E.164 standard are provided below. For additional details, see this guide from our SMS service provider Twilio.

Canada: +12262412097
Australia: +61480004432
Spain: +34634198637
France: +33644617413
Netherlands: +3197010230189
Russia: +79910361028
Turkey: +902125551212
Thailand: +660963554585
Malaysia: +600134772438
Singapore: +6582410236
Hong Kong: +85264309527
South Korea: +821112145478
Japan: +818059845761
Mexico: +5218655217370
Brazil: +5511950105634
South Africa: +27119782313
UAE: +971555624155

Track your activated alerts

If your phone number is entered in a wrong format, or entered incorrectly, our SMS service provider doesn’t know where to deliver the alert. The alert will be triggered (activated), but not delivered.

In such a case, immediately after the alert activation, you will receive an email from Coinwink about the undelivered alert with the link to this article. You need to enter your phone number correctly to receive SMS crypto alerts.

You can also track all your activated alerts, both delivered and undelivered, in your alert Logs, available in the Coinwink Manage Alerts window.

Send yourself a test alert

It is also a good practice to send yourself a test alert. If the test alert is received, you can be sure that the phone number is entered correctly and all future alerts will also be received.

For example, create an alert that will alert you when Bitcoin is above 10 USD. Because BTC is already above 10 USD, such an alert will be activated within 1 minute, and if your number is entered correctly, you will receive the test alert to your mobile phone. In general, Coinwink SMS alerts are triggered every minute.

The Coinwink phone number

To stay productive when working or studying, some of our users put their phones to “Do not disturb” mode and exclude only the Coinwink phone number in order not to miss an important crypto alert. Some other users prefer to set a different sound for SMS messages coming from Coinwink.

Coinwink SMS alerts are always coming from the same phone number, so its receiving conditions can be easily customized on the user’s phone.

+16506677900 is the phone number from which you receive Coinwink SMS crypto alerts. It always stays the same.


Receiving SMS crypto alerts with Coinwink is really simple. Furthermore, because Coinwink is in partnership with Twilio, which is the global leader in SMS messaging, our crypto alerts delivery is fast, reliable, and has worldwide coverage.

The single most important thing is to enter your phone number in the international E.164 standard as described above. To be completely sure that SMS alerts will be delivered, send yourself a test alert.

Contact us by email if you have any additional questions.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app

Never Miss Important Coin Price Changes With Email & SMS Crypto Alerts

If you are investing in cryptocurrencies, you are probably using crypto alerts to be informed about the cryptocurrency market price fluctuations.

If you are not using alerts to automate price tracking, you should give them a try. Otherwise, you may be stuck manually watching charts, which can lead to addiction, lower your overall investing outcomes, and in general, it is not possible to watch charts 24/7, because unlike traditional stock markets with specific opening and closing hours, the cryptocurrency market is open all the time.

Popular crypto meme character Wojak is stuck watching charts

After running crypto alerts service for more than 4 years, in this article we will share some insights on what alert delivery methods work best under any circumstances, and what are better to avoid.

Cutting straight to the point, and as you have probably guessed from the title of this article, the best combo is SMS + email alerts.

Having alerts set to receive in SMS or email (or both), you can be sure that these delivery methods will cover all your needs and you never miss a cryptocurrency price change that is important to you.

A case against mobile notifications

Another popular alerts delivery method is mobile notifications, even though they can do more harm than good.

First of all, they can be easily missed because mobile notifications have a similar sound signal for all mobile apps. Most people consider mobile notifications as having a low alerting priority, and that’s why they are often ignored.

Additionally, mobile notifications can be annoying and distracting and can negatively impact productivity. That’s why a lot of people choose to turn them off completely.

“We all get too many rings and blips and squawks on our smartphone. Every ping your phone emits is another distraction, one that can take several minutes to recover from. Here’s how to shut them up.”


In some cases, as observed in some popular mobile crypto portfolio apps, notifications are quite buggy, or it can be hard or not possible at all to disable them.

Browser notifications aren’t good either. To receive such a notification, the browser needs to be open, and the device turned on. Browser notifications look like spammy pop-ups, and can be annoying or easily missed.

SMS alerts advantages

SMS have inherently higher notification value than mobile notifications, because when people receive an SMS, they usually read it, and not just automatically discard it.

Also, on many phones, you can easily configure a unique signal for SMS notifications coming from a specific number.

To stay productive, some of our users disable all notifications and even set phone calls and regular SMS to “Do not disturb” mode, but they exclude a single number for SMS, which is coming from Coinwink, notifying them about an important price change.

Additionally, SMS is universal. You don’t need an app, and even an internet connection is not required.

One of our users was stuck in Peru during the COVID lockdown, so he decided to do some traveling. He had a first-hand SMS alert experience, and shared it with us:

“What I liked, when I was without the Internet, I got an SMS with BTC alert somewhere on the bus. That was pretty cool. Imagine traveling and getting your shitcoin alerts no matter where you are.”

Email alerts advantages

Similar to SMS messages, email is also highly configurable. You have much more control over your email than over your mobile notifications. You can use email filters, forward emails to phone numbers, integrate with other services through IFTTT or Zapier, or you can set up a separate mailbox, and use email similarly to mobile notifications. Email can be as good as mobile notifications, but additionally, it has much more customization and flexibility.

Since both email and SMS alerts are highly customizable, people are free to use them according to their individual needs. As another of our users explains:

“When I’m in my home country, I prefer SMS alerts. Even though I have 4G internet all the time, I still find SMS alerts faster, because they don’t require an additional app which usually takes some time to sync the updates.

When I’m traveling and using local sim cards for 4G internet, I prefer to use email alerts. I have a separate mailbox at ProtonMail which doesn’t receive any other emails because I don’t use it anywhere else, except for Coinwink alerts. I turn on my ProtonMail mobile app notifications and when I receive a new email, I instantly know that this is a crypto alert from Coinwink.”

What about chat alerts, such as Telegram, Signal, or Slack?

This is a separate group of crypto alerts. Similar to mobile notifications, chat alerts can be easily missed. They also require the app to be installed and synchronized.

From the Coinwink point of view, if SMS + Email alerts cover all possible needs and work under any circumstances, do we really need these extra chat alerts?

If we start adding similar chat alerts, there will be no end to them. And actually, we wouldn’t gain much because email + SMS is a classic, well-tested combo that works under any circumstances. It can alert you similarly as Telegram does or even better, but Telegram cannot alert you when e.g. you have no internet on your phone. Email + SMS is a reliable combo that covers all possible situations.

“It is far better to be the master of a few successful trading tools than to simply sit in the rafters observing price action through the use of dozens of indicators. The fewer variables, the easier it is to make a decision.”

Dennis Gartman

Timeless combo: Email & SMS crypto alerts

Email was invented in 1971, and the first SMS message was sent in 1992.

Email and SMS services exist for decades now, so it is clear that they won’t disappear in the near future, and will work as expected.

On the other hand, with mobile notifications, you can easily lose your crypto alerts when you change your device, uninstall an app, or after the app version upgrades.

Email and SMS are much more reliable than mobile notifications because people do not change their email addresses or phone numbers that often.

For example, some of our users did set up their Bitcoin above 30k USD price alert in 2017, and received it almost 4 years later, in early 2021.

So if you are using email and SMS crypto alerts, you can sleep better, be more productive, have more personal freedom, and because of all these benefits, it is rational to expect better cryptocurrency investing outcomes.

Crypto alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app