Crypto Alerts for Telegram

Coinwink app has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to receive cryptocurrency alerts for 3600 different crypto coins and tokens through the popular messaging app Telegram. This is a significant expansion from the previous alerting system, which only supported email and SMS notifications.

Benefits of Telegram alerts

Telegram crypto alerts offer a number of benefits compared to traditional alerting methods such as email and SMS.

Telegram is a messaging app that has gained popularity among cryptocurrency users due to its strong emphasis on privacy and security. Telegram messages are encrypted end-to-end, which means that only the sender and recipient can read the message, and no one in between can access it. This makes it an ideal platform for delivering sensitive information like cryptocurrency alerts.

Email and SMS, on the other hand, are not encrypted by default, and can be intercepted by a hacker. This makes them less secure than Telegram for transmitting sensitive information.

Another benefit of using Telegram for crypto alerts is flexibility. Telegram allows users to customize their alerts in a number of ways, such as setting different alert tones for different types of notifications, or choosing to receive alerts only at specific times of the day. This means that users can tailor their alert experience to their personal preferences, and avoid being bombarded with notifications at inappropriate times.

In contrast, email and SMS alerts are more limited in their customization options. With email, users can only choose to receive alerts at certain times if they set up a filter in their email client, and with SMS, users are at the mercy of their cellular provider’s delivery schedule.

Compared to email or SMS delivery methods, Telegram is a faster and more reliable way to receive crypto alerts. Telegram is a messaging app that was specifically designed for speed and security, and it can deliver messages almost instantly. This means that you can receive your alerts as soon as they are triggered, giving you the best possible chance to act on them quickly.

Telegram also allows you to access your alerts from any device, including your phone, tablet, or computer. This means that you can stay up-to-date with your alerts no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

How to set up price and percentage alerts for Telegram

To receive Telegram crypto alerts, first open the Telegram app and send any message to the @CoinwinkBot Telegram account.

Then enter your Telegram username in the Coinwink app, and click Connect. After the connection between your Coinwink account and the Telegram bot is established, you will be able to create and receive Telegram crypto alerts.

Keep in mind that the Telegram username is not the same as the name. You can set up your username in the Telegram app settings. If you change your username, send a new message to the @CoinwinkBot, and then connect with the new username.

Disconnected view
Connected view

Telegram alerts for portfolio coins & tokens

You can also use Telegram notifications for the continuous multiple-coin Portfolio alerts.

To set up multiple-coin alerts, first open your Coinwink Portfolio, then scroll down and expand the Portfolio Alerts widget.

Select Telegram as your preferred alerts delivery method, and then connect with your Telegram account as explained above and inside the app.

Disconnected view
Connected view

Manage your Telegram alerts

You can manage your Telegram alerts similarly as email and SMS alerts.

For easier separation of different types of alerts, every alert is now indicated by one of three symbols that represent email, SMS or Telegram.

In conclusion

Overall, Coinwink’s new Telegram alerts represent a significant improvement over its email and SMS alerts. They are faster, more secure, and more customizable, making them a valuable addition to the app’s suite of features.

By using crypto alerts for Telegram, you can be confident that your alerts will be delivered quickly and securely, and you can customize them to suit your specific needs.

If you are interested in receiving cryptocurrency alerts, be sure to check out the Coinwink app and give Telegram alerts a try.

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